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ٹمبلر کی نور جہاں

when I was at a protest last week when we were chanting “free free Palestine” some old dude was like “FREE FREE PALESTINE FROM KHAMAS!!!” and we all just stared at him because try harder

lmao they really don’t have a clue, like even the zio “counter protests” are against khmaaz and ??? there is nothing much to protest for them….i think these ladies just saw people in hijabs and holding the Palestine flag and got mad.

22 July 2014     4:27 am     5 notes

today at a protest against Israel these two zionists ladies flipped us off lmao it was so awkward and lame like they just walked by and flipped us off…. 

22 July 2014     4:21 am     11 notes

i don’t know a lot of Pakistani people irl who have the same politics as i do or who i can trust to talk about certain issues and topics. so i’m always so happy to see really smart sharp intellectual Pakistani folks on here who i know will go on to do great things no matter what field they go into. It really does mean a lot to me.

22 July 2014     4:10 am     10 notes

i just had some german chocolate cake with a cold glass of milk, i made du’a for you all so you can receive the spirit of it you know.

22 July 2014     4:05 am     11 notes

most dude’s are lame/shitty so when i meet someone who isn’t im liek really impressed and can’t believe it. 

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lehaaz we are going to make a more cognizant critical space for the people that need and deserve it. do you ever think that maybe there’s at least one person who follows you or sees your blog that finds it extremely beneficial and comforting? in a way, just by connecting and having the conversations you and i have had, i think we’ve already made a space. i’m really emo rn but i refuse to believe what dominant culture insists upon, that we are invisible and unworthy 

yes, i’m really looking forward to that, on even a bigger scale, because like you said we deserve and need it. it’s honestly really comforting knowing someone who is critical and understanding like you going into the field because like i said some of the other SA people I’ve seen in those spaces don’t deserve it at all, and actually promote the same problems ans issues we try to put an end to. i agree, our conversations have definitely made me feel like i’m not alone/abnormal and that i can relate to other people and i’ve also talked with others who feel the same way. most people look at tumblr at just a place for LOL’s etc. and that’s part of it, but i’m not going to deny that the space some of us tried creating for ourselves/others has also helped a lot of people you know? this is all #emo for sure, but it doesn’t mean it’s not valid or that it should be overlooked.  

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Morning! LA.

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i’m sending that selfie set to ali because i miss him and i want him to reply with 6 of his selfies.

22 July 2014     2:53 am     10 notes

I know selfies are not “decolonizing!” etc. you know but like posting them is fun healthy for the soul bc there is good energy all around.

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Anonymous: Are you Muslim?

الحمد لله‎ 

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The logic of policing not only enables the murder of racialized people by agents of the state, it also blames them for their own murder. Rather than understand policing as death-making, we are asked to understand certain bodies as inviting their own death. ‘We made death because you made us!’

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*observes dash*

22 July 2014     1:32 am     10 notes

you have great eyes like i trust you just from your eyes.

omg this means a lot *__* < 3 

22 July 2014     1:10 am     6 notes

i nominate myself to be the face of pakistani tumblr

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kucuk emrah remix by me (:

(via captain-majed)

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