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ٹمبلر کی نور جہاں

i love making a big deal out of things that don’t matter 

21 August 2014     4:22 am     10 notes

Or we’re just really tall and can’t.

ok where were you when i was in the analysis part smh!

21 August 2014     4:18 am     2 notes

how many of you always have to stop yourself from touching your face when you pose for pics

21 August 2014     3:58 am     8 notes


people who hug from top want to be in control/don’t feel comfortable with the other person/don’t trust people easily in my assessment, people who hug from bottom trust the person/don’t mind the other in being in control while middle hugs show the intimacy/love they both may share. 

21 August 2014     3:47 am     12 notes

or both? astaghs

at once XOXO

21 August 2014     3:43 am     3 notes

a good hug increases happiness i read somewhere

21 August 2014     3:38 am     6 notes

christian side hug

i can tell from your icon you’re very Xtian for sure

21 August 2014     3:33 am     5 notes

what type of hugger are you, do you go on tip or bottom or that weird in between thing

21 August 2014     3:26 am     14 notes

Anonymous: I'd interact with you but I can't comment on your posts and that's how I interact with people I follow


21 August 2014     3:21 am     3 notes

omg i wonder how many ppl irl i know and love eat *** i need to log off i can see going donwhill from here

21 August 2014     3:18 am     7 notes

21 August 2014     3:16 am     33,461 notes

other people: eat their partners ass

me: innocent hugs forehead kisses

21 August 2014     3:15 am     17 notes

i love hugging ali i feel so protected and hot at the same time

21 August 2014     3:13 am     7 notes

*thinks back* hmmm that’s true

21 August 2014     2:40 am     2 notes


A single shaft of sunlight breaks leaden clouds on New Zealand’s Dusky Sound
National Geographic | September 1971

21 August 2014     2:32 am     575 notes