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ٹمبلر کی نور جہاں

Anonymous: i'm writing a steamy fan-fic of you and ali ;) btw have you guys had sex?

02 September 2014     4:54 pm     3 notes


Getting really tired of Christians who are suddenly giving a shit about the atrocities committed by ISIS because there are Christians getting killed.

But of course, conveniently forget the fact that Muslims are also being massacred. Conveniently do not mention Muslims, Yazidis, etc. when you are praying about religious persecution. Make passive Islamophobic comments share all those prophetic doom and gloom pictures on FB about the “war on Christianity”, but neglect to acknowledge that Christians aren’t the only ones being killed. 

Fucking shame on you.

Yes, and also they’re the same people who didn’t say shit when Palestinian/Indian/Pakistani/other Xtians are being killed/were target of violence.

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02 September 2014     4:14 pm     62 notes

I’ll have a fantastic day today tbh

02 September 2014     3:21 pm     8 notes

who can i get in contact with to issue a fatwa against fandom bloggers.

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Anonymous: Followed you bc I thought it was actually you in your icon


02 September 2014     3:00 pm     2 notes

Hunter & Shun Ito - PORTER 2014 SPRING / SUMMER

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kaagazkalam: Everyone's been doing this, so I'll jump onto the bandwagon too. I followed you cuz sweg.

i’m pretty sure you misspelled saag bc i love saag

02 September 2014     3:44 am     11 notes

besabaati: i followed you for the pretty icon pics and thought you were a 40 yr old auntie but was left in awe when the truth unfolded.

HAAHAHHA i love this the most.

02 September 2014     3:37 am     4 notes

theelusivebloggeur: I followed u bc I pitied u for not having had me in your life prior(:

this is so extra and untrue #blocked

02 September 2014     3:29 am     2 notes

Anonymous: followed bc your posts attracted me when they were reblogged to my dash. stayed cuz ur intelligent and kind and attractive!! :-)

you’re v. kind anon thanks

02 September 2014     2:41 am     1 note

maryamkhawaja: A few of your posts popped up on my dash and I was like oooh yes that's true and I thought I followed you then but then sometime later I saw another post- one of your mini rants and I looked at your blog and I was like this guy is chill should follow

wow such a long process…….. <3 this blog is mostly rants

02 September 2014     2:01 am

Anonymous: followed because you're anti ass-eating.

LMAO stop

02 September 2014     1:52 am     3 notes

inqilaab: I dont remember how I found ur blog I think it was a post about.... like tableeghi jamat or something lol and I was like yes drag them. Anyway I love u and ur blog I learn a lot from your posts, have a nice day :-) <3

OMG honestly?!! the whole movement is a big headache and I don’t understand the logic, glad i have some people who agree!! <3!

02 September 2014     1:46 am     3 notes

hothatbrishti: I follow you because of your fab blog aesthetics honestly

coming from you (the IG famous fashionista) means a lot ok <3

02 September 2014     1:44 am     3 notes